Resource collection is key to success in Nomads. Players scavenge the wasteland for essential materials, from scrap metal and lumber to fresh water and food supplies. With these resources, players can construct their own homes, fortifications, and eventually entire towns, each with its own unique layout and infrastructure.

But survival is only a small part of the gameplay. In Nomads, players have the opportunity to band together with fellow wanderers, pooling their resources and manpower to build sprawling cities that rival the grandeur of the old world. As these settlements grow, players can levy taxes on weaker players, establishing themselves as formidable rulers of the wasteland. In-game taxes and trading takes place using the native ERC-20 token $NOMADS.

The path to dominion is fraught with challenges. The wasteland is home to rival factions and ruthless warlords who will stop at nothing to expand their own empires. Players must defend their settlements from raids and attacks, strategically deploying defenses and rallying allies to their cause.

At the heart of Nomads lies the ultimate goal: to overthrow the enigmatic bosses which hoard the most precious resources, stifling the growth of civilization, ranking up the leaderboards and earning rewards at the end of each Nomads season. Through diplomacy, subterfuge, and outright confrontation, players must unite their forces and confront the boss head-on, unlocking the secrets of the wasteland and ushering in a new era of prosperity.

With its immersive world-building, strategic gameplay, and dynamic player interactions, Nomads offers players the chance to carve out their own destiny in a world where survival is just the beginning. Will you build a thriving civilization from the ashes of the old world, or succumb to the chaos of the wasteland? The choice is yours in Nomads.

Ancient Relics

One valuable item that Nomads can collect in the post-apocalyptic world of Nomads is "Ancient Relics." These relics could be remnants of the old world, such as rare artifacts, technology components, or historical documents, that hold significant value both in terms of gameplay and narrative. Ancient Relics are valuable in-game:

  1. Historical Significance: Ancient Relics offer insights into the world that existed before the apocalypse. They could reveal secrets about the downfall of civilization, provide clues about hidden locations or valuable resources, or shed light on the origins of the wasteland's most enigmatic figures.

  2. Crafting and Upgrading: Players could use Ancient Relics as crafting materials or components for upgrading their equipment, weapons, and settlements. Each relic could unlock unique abilities, enhancements, or structures that give players a competitive edge in the game.

  3. Trading and Bartering: Nomads could trade Ancient Relics with other players or factions in exchange for resources, favors, or alliances. The rarity and historical significance of these relics make them highly sought after commodities in the wasteland's economy.

  4. Story Quests and Missions: Ancient Relics could be central to story quests and missions, driving the narrative forward and offering players opportunities to uncover the mysteries of the wasteland. Players may need to embark on perilous journeys, solve puzzles, or confront formidable adversaries to acquire these relics.

  5. Cryptocurrency Rewards: In the context of the game's cryptocurrency reward system, collecting Ancient Relics could earn players tokens or other digital assets. The more valuable and rare the relic, the greater the reward, incentivizing players to explore, strategize, and compete for these coveted items.

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